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Compact Torque Measuring Flange with overload protection

WiFi-Wellentelemetrie mit Smart Interface Plug & Play telemetry with customised 3D printing  inhouse production or from MANNER

Non-contact measurement data transmission in real operation under harsh environments is still a challenge today. The construction of an inductive maintenance-free and endurance-proof telemetry transmission is costly and justified for long-term measurements. But there are also short-term measurement tasks. Here there is a desire for the least amount of assembly.

In order to create a solution for this measurement task profile, MANNER wireless sensor telemetry was developed. The focus was also on designing a wireless telemetry system that masters measuring tasks with increased environmental requirements. In addition to its resistance to disturbances, it is also resistant to temperature, water and vibration.

As is well known, the radio telemetry system powered by rechargeable batteries is characterised by the simplest handling, as the assembly of pick-up and rotor induction loop is no longer necessary. In addition, today’s lithium-ion batteries have significantly more capacity. This means that the available operating time between charging processes is significantly longer.

In addition, 3D printing technology can be used to produce dimensionally accurate half shells for mounting on the side shafts or cardan shafts in a very short time.
Corresponding 3D basic designs are available from MANNER. These designs can be adapted to the customer’s shaft in the shortest possible time by the customer himself or by MANNER.
Printing can be carried out by the customer or by MANNER with a delivery time of less than 3 days.

The measuring amplifier with radio cell for direct connection of strain gauges, thermocouples or other sensors and the battery are simply inserted. The half shells are then screwed together.

Wifi- Wellentelemetrie