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Quorum Q150 Coaters

The beautifully designed Q150 series coaters are very user friendly. With the touch screen colour LCD display, you can operate the instrument, program recipes that can be stored in the memory of the instrument and always recalled to be executed automatically.

The rigid glass vacuum chamber is easy to clean and gives you a good view of your samples. There are many different sample stages available so that there is always one that is appropriate for your samples. For every kind of SEM work there is a Q150 available; for standard SEM work, the Q150R with an external vacuum pump and for high resolution work, the Q150T with both an external vacuum pump and a powerful turbo pump. The Q150R and Q150T are developed as a sputter coater (S), a carbon (rod or cord) evaporator (E), or a combined sputter coater / evaporator (ES). The sputter coater versions can be optionally extended with a Glow Discharge insert and a Metal Evaporation & Aperture Cleaning insert. The optional film thickness measurement (FTM) ensures you that your samples are coated with a high repeatability.