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Quantax Compact, EDX within everyone’s scope

QUANTAX Compact is a new innovative and easy-to-use EDS system for daily use.

QUANTAX Compact consists of a XFlash® 600 Mini silicon drift detector (SDD), a small electronics unit and the intuitive software ESPRIT Compact.
The system performs qualitative and quantitative analyses of all materials with an element range from boron (5) to californium (98).
Besides composition analysis at individual spots on the sample surface, QUANTAX Compact provides powerful line scan and spectral element mapping functions.
By using QUANTAX Compact, the analysis and reporting is completed within seconds.
ESPRIT Compact features:
– High resolution data aquisition
– Three different analysis modes: Objects, LineScan and Mapping
– Automatic or interactive element identification starting from boron (5)
– Accurate element quantification during acquisition
– Display of quantitative results as atomic, weight or oxide percentage
– Color-coded concentration distributions (element maps) for any number of elements within an arbitrary field of view including a unique live peak separation and background removal
– Report generation and print formatting
– Export of results to MS® Word and Excel