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PP3006 CoolLok Cryo Transfer for SEM and FIB/SEM

The PP3006 CoolLok offers rapid transfer and cryo temperature observation of specimens for SEM, FIB/SEM, beamline or other vacuum systems. Applications include thermal protection of beam-sensitive specimens and low temperature observation of materials such as plastics, polymers low-K dielectrics and hard-soft mixtures. The system can also be used for inert gas transfer of ambient temperature specimens from a glove box.

Key features
• Rapid specimen exchange
• Temperature range down to -190°C with stability better than 0.5°C CoolLOK
• Off-column cooling with all-day runtime between fills
• Independent cooling of cold stage and cold trap
• Vacuum or inert gas (glove box) transfer
• Rapid specimen freezing (option)
• Cryo workflow options
• Three-year warranty
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