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PCS / Research Inc. introductie

We design and manufacture industrial process heating and control equipment. We have the in-house expertise to specify, design and build the proper combination of electric heating sources, associated equipment and matching controls to meet your process needs. Our applications and sales engineers will discuss your application with you until there is a full understanding of your requirements and process. Your system will then be designed, manufactured and tested in our (UL 508 certified) shop and followed up with world wide support.


September 1951 – Research Inc. (RI) is founded and is actively engaged in both development related to aircraft and guided missiles, including fundamental aerodynamic and thermodynamic problems, and fabrication of test equipment, instrumentation, computers, and aircraft accessories.
June 1998 – PCS is formed by ex-RI employees. PCS initially focuses on providing the control systems and support for more than 30 years of RI system customers. PCS adds personnel to expand its offerings from solely controls to infrared heaters and heating systems.
August 2007 – PCS purchases RI’s Infrared Heating Division along with the Research Inc. name. In this asset purchase, PCS acquires both the standard products that you can find on our product page and the key personnel that have the knowledge and capability to sell, design, manufacture, and support these products.
June 2008 – Our effort to integrate over 50 years of RI heaters and systems into the PCS business system is accomplished. The result is an efficient organization, doubled in size, ready to respond to customers’ requirements with short lead-times, quality products and knowledgeable engineering and service.
Today – PCS/RI is a 14-person company with the agility to take on a variety of projects. We focus on our customers and our engineering to provide innovation and value in the industrial heating and automation markets.