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The new Q300 series sputter coater launched!

Recently Quorum announced the further expansion of Quorum Technologies’ highly successful ‘Q’ series of vacuum coating systems, with the introduction of the Q300 series – a range of large specimen sputter coaters for SEM preparation and thin film applications.

The Q300 is available in three formats: the turbomolecular-pumped Q300T T is ideal for coating both oxidising and non-oxidising metals onto large specimens (up to an 8” wafer); the Q300R T is a low-cost, rotary-pumped version for noble metals only; and the Q300T D is a dual head system that allows independent sequential sputtering of two metals without the need to break vacuum – making it ideal for many thin film applications.

Sales & Marketing Director Mike Wombwell believes this large-format series will build upon the success of the Q150 series that was launched during 2009/10.

“The three Q300 models cover many different user requirements and specimen sizes,” explained Mike. “The multiple sputtering head design ensures even coating deposition over a single large specimen or multiple
small specimens.

“Flexibility and economy are key concepts with the Q300 series. Although primarily designed for large specimens, sputtering can be limited to a single source to allow economical sputtering of smaller specimens, such as SEM stubs.


Featuring an intuitive colour touch screen, plus a range of easy-to-change specimen stages, the Q300 series combines state-of-the-art design with an exceptionally high level of performance and flexibility. Among the options is a film thickness monitor for measurement and control of coating thicknesses.