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New CPC validation setup

Based on the Topas FCS-249 aerosol generator and a TSI 3750 reference CPC, j.j. bos has commissioned a setup to check and validate the correct operation and Counting efficiency of a particle counter.

With this setup we are going to perform a validation in 5 steps according to the specifications of the instrument. The max. concentration range is 1,000,000 (1E6) particles/cm³, as desired for particle counters for MOT emission control. Also, various critical system parameters are checked such as sample flow and 1st-line maintenance is performed including checking, and if necessary replacement, of the internal filters, the wick and (critical) orifices. The validation is concluded with a report.

Big advantage of this service is that the instrument only needs to be out of service for max. 1 day and does not need to be sent to the manufacturer for a factory calibration.

The 3750 reference CPC is calibrated at TSI according to ISO-27891:2015 (Aerosol particle number concentration – Calibration of condensation particle counters).

Call or email us for more information, mailto: info@jjbosbv.nl or tel: +31-182-619333.

Topas FCS-249 user interface.