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ETS VAB Pneumatic Bump Tester

The VAB series Pneumatic Bump Tester is used to simulate the repeatable shock environment subjected in the transportation and use process of the electronic components, equipment and other electric and electronic products, to complete the conventional crash test indicators.

FeaturesVAB Pneumatic Bump tester klein

  • Table Size (mm): 500×700 to 1500×1500
  • Max. specimen weight (kg): 50 to 1500
  • Waveform: Half-sine
  • Peak acceleration (m/s2): 40-600 to 30-1200
  • Pulse duration (ms): 5-18 to 1.5-20
  • Bump distance auto-adjusted range (mm): 120 to 200
  • Bump rate auto-adjusted range (BPM): 1-80 to 1-120
  • Max. velocity change (m/s): 2.2 to 2.8