ETS HAS Horizontal Impact Tester

ETS HAS series horizontal impact testers are used to simulate the horizontal shock effects of rail switching, truck docking, and other types of horizontal impacts.

HAS Horizontal Impact tester kleinFeatures

  • Table size: 500x700mm to 700x1300mm
  • Max. specimen weight: 50 to 1000kg

Shock testing performance

  • Peak acc. (half sine, m/s2): 1-40 to 3-40
  • Shock distance range: 500 to 650mm
  • Max. velocity change 7,0 to 7,8m/s

Bump testing performance

  • Peak acc. (half sine, m/s2): 100-600 to 100-1200
  • Pulse duration: 1-40 to 3-40ms
  • Max. velocity change: 1,6 to 2,3 m/s

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