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Service and maintenance plans for MTS test equipment

j.j. bos is working for over 56 years as official MTS business partner and has long history and experience as a servicing partner.

We can help our customers not only with the acquisition MTS test systems, but also the installation, calibration, (yearly) maintenance and/or corrective maintenance.

In search of constant improvement, we recently launched new (multi year) maintenance and calibration plans with some key advantages;

  • Work on proactive basis
  • Long-term planning for avoiding (unplanned) downtime
  • Tackling long delivery times for components
  • Financial benefits, fixed investments and options for additional discounts for multi-year contracts / no inflation corrections or component price adjustments.
  • No separate purchasing numbers required in case of emergency visits / quick actions.
  • Work and follow-up work are always scheduled on time


Interested in a custom offer based on your exact setup? please contact us!