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Material Testing and Environmental Technology

From origin j.j. bos b.v. represents a number of well recognized suppliers of material testing-, environmental simulation systems, sensors and accessories. Also j.j. bos b.v. is an active member and co-founder of the Platform Environmental Engineering (PLOT) of FHI.

Material Testing, Environmental Technology, Calibration and Service

From origin j.j. bos b.v. markets a large number of suppliers of material testing system and accessories. The over 50 years  experience in this field of competence has lead to a wide and complete range of products from various leading manufacturers, including:

  • Tensile-and compression testing frames [LITeM, MARK-10, MTS]
  • Universal testing machines [liTeM, MARK-10, MTS]
  • Fatigue test frames [LiTeM, MTS]
  • Torsion test systems [LiTeM, Mark-10, MTS]
  • Dynamic vibrators (shakers) [ETS]
  • Drop test systems [LAB, ETS]
  • Creep test frames [ATS]
  • Hardness measurement [ERNST]
  • Extensometers and clip-on gauges [MTS]
  • Infrared heaters for process heating and material testing application [PCS/Research Inc.]
  • Conventional ovens and furnaces  for process heating and material testing application [ATS]
  • Vacuum ovens [Centorr]
  • Frequenscy converters and power supplies [Magnus Power]
  • Shaker service [1g-Benelux]

The suppliers j.j. bos b.v. started with 55 years ago are still being represented by us today. By now the range has been extended to the Brands mentioned below. Click on a specific Brand of your interest to learn more.

ETS VAB Pneumatic Bump Tester

The VAB series Pneumatic Bump Tester is used to simulate the repeatable shock environment subjected in the transportation and use process of […]

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ETS MHI Incline Impact Testers

ETS MHI series Incline Impact Testers are used to simulate the handling of crates, palletized loads, and rail car carriers. Several sizes […]

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ETS HSRS Series Horizontal SRS tester

Mechanical shock testing replicates events that are encountered regularly during the day to day operation of equipment or products. Shocks can be […]

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