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Electron Microscopy

Since the 80’s j.j. bos supplies accessories for Electron Microscopy and represents here the well known English brands Quorum Technolgies and Deben Research UK.

In this product group we distinguish the following products:

  • Sample preparation instruments
  • Stages
  • mini-Tensile testers

Electron Microscopy and accessories

In the 1980’s, j.j. bos was approached to distribute and service the Cambridge Instruments Electron Microscopes (later LEICA) and Princeton Gamma Tech. X-ray analysis systems (PGT, later Bruker) for the Benelux. This fitted well with our intended portfolio expansion for the study of materials at the nano and micro level. Therefore we have since that time a program for Electron Microscopy users consisting of the following suppliers, products and accessories:

  • Table Top Scanning Electron Microscopes [Hirox]
  • SEM and EDX calibration standards [MAC]
  • Sample preparation [Quorum]
  • Sputter coaters and carbon coaters [Quorum]
  • SEM and TEM stages and miniature tensile testers [Deben]

The supply program has expanded since and now includes the Brands listed below. Click on a Brand for more information.


PP3005 SEMCool Non-Airlock Cooling System for SEM and FIB/SEM

The SEMCool is designed for cryogenic applications where airlock exchange of specimens into the microscope is not required.

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Quorum Q150 Coaters

The beautifully designed Q150 series coaters are very user friendly. With the touch screen colour LCD display, you can operate the instrument, […]

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The new Q300 series sputter coater launched!

Recently Quorum announced the further expansion of Quorum Technologies’ highly successful ‘Q’ series of vacuum coating systems, with the introduction of the Q300 […]

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Deben stage
Deben intro

Deben are a precision engineering company from the UK, which specialises in the field of tensile testing, motion control and specimen cooling […]

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