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Since 2022 Topas GmbH is formally included in the delivery program of j.j. bos. In recent years Topas has developed as a market leader in the field of particle- and dust generators, filter testers and reference setups for Particle Counter and (fine-) dust sensor verification.



About Topas GmbH

Since 1991, technology-oriented particle analysis and sensor systems have been developed, designed, and manufactured under the name Topas. In the past thirty years, we have established ourselves as the specialists for generating, conditioning, and analysing test and reference aerosols. In the process, we have grown to be a mid-sized company, contributing to global industry and research from Dresden in Germany. For decades, our products and test systems have established the name Topas as the standard for the classification and testing of filters and filter media.Complete systems are ready for demonstration at the Topas Innovation Center.



WHO Guidelines regarding PM, PN and UFP’s

e are pleased to inform you about the new Particulate Matter (PM) and Particle Number Concentration (PN) threshold values as published by […]

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New CPC validation setup

Based on the Topas FCS-249 aerosol generator and a TSI 3750 reference CPC, j.j. bos has commissioned a setup to check and […]

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Google air view
Google Street View car monitoring air quality

Since a few months you may encounter 2 Google Street View cars in the Amsterdam area to map the air quality at […]

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New range butanol CPC’s

TSI launched a new family of butanol based condensation particle counters (CPC): the CPC’s 3750, 3752 and 3756, replacing the models 3772, […]

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