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j.j. bos is the official business partner of MTS for the Benelux since 1966.

MTS stands for Material Test Systems, top segment – world market leader of test and simulation systems for materials research.


Active in automotive, civil engineering, aerospace, biomedical, etc, etc.

More info, see MTS website


j.j. bos works directly with MTS engineering or can assist our customers with any complex custom solution.

Impression of various market segment solutions

Overview test system solutions

Semi-Static test benches up to 600kN

For (semi-)static or monotonic tensile and compression tests with forces from 1kN to 600 kN, j.j. bos b.v. can help customers with the universal test systems from MTS.

These (top segment) systems are used worldwide for both R&D and QC applications.

The systems can be used for measuring both compressive and tensile force and possibly both simultaneously by using 2 test zones.

The MTS universal systems from MTS distinguish themselves with their advanced programmable MTS TestSuite software.

Link to catalogue: MTS Criterion en MTS Exceed

Dynamic test benches up to 2.000 kN

For dynamic material (fatigue) tests from 1 N to 2 MN or material characterization j.j. bos b.v. represents  the servo hydraulic test systems of MTS, since its foundation in 1965.

These systems and TestSuite software control are leading in the market.

With MTS, a Total test solution is offered including very quiet Silent Flow pumps, FlexTest control up to 20+ channels, grips and software. The applications are countless, such as: Medical, civil, material, polymers, elastomers, plastics, automotive, etc.

Link to catalogue:MTS Landmark


Electrodynamic test benches up to 12kN

The electrodynamic Acumen family from MTS  has  1kN to 12kN solutions.

The Acumen is also available as an A/T version, which can be used to carry out torsion tests in addition to axial tests.

The biggest advantage: no hydraulic infrastructure is required!

With only a 230V mains connection, tests up to 12kN and over 100 Hz are now possible.

Link to catalogue: MTS Acumen

Custom test setups

Of course j.j. bos in collaboration with MTS is also very strong in custom test setups.

We work together with our customers and MTS engineering to put together your customized system.

In many cases, the set-up includes (CFM) portal frame, (CFM) t-slot table, possibly with seismic mass, MTS actuators with custom piston rod, composite valves, load cell as desired, hydraulic service manifold and accumulators to size and (MTS Silent Flow) pump with capacity as desired.


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