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Micro Measurements

Micro-Measurements, a devision of Vishay Precision Group (VPG) is dedicated to the development, manufacture, and marketing of sensors for high-precision strain measurement. Micro Mesuerements offers a full selection of sensors, strain gauges, PhotoStress® equipment and coatings, data acquisition systems (DAQ), and accessories necessary for obtaining accurate, reliable stress data. Our state-of-the-art strain gauges and accessories are used in stress analysis measurements and as sensing elements for buiding a transducer /load cell for measuring (weight, force, torque, vibration, pressure, etc.) We are proud to Micro Measurements strain gages used in these and other applications throughout the world.

Resources for Experimental Stress Analysis and Transducer Sensing Elements

Measuring More than Just Strain
Micro-Measurements strain gages and sensors are used throughout the world in the fields of medicine, aviation, shipbuilding, and more. We’re proud to create products so reliable they can be used to test the safety of bridges and ensure the accuracy of life-saving medical equipment!

In the case of experimental stress analysis, our sensors, instruments, equipment, and supplies allow for preproduction prototype evaluation, field-service testing, failure analysis, and pure research.

Micro Measurements

Strain Gauges

stress analysis

Stress Analysis Strain Gages (Gauges)

Products and structures can, and do, break. It’s critical to determine whether a particular object made from a particular material can carry a particular load. If a true stress is ignored, the cost of not acting is usually far higher than the cost of dealing with the problem earlier.  Micro-Measurements’ complete portfolio of high-performance Stress Analysis Strain Gauges deliver strain data you can count on and help you find practical solutions to prevent potentially catastrophic events.

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Transducer Class

Transducer Class® Gages

Micro-Measurements is the leading manufacturer of Transducer Class® strain gages, designed for high volume OEM transducer applications. Transducer Class Strain gages — and related products — are manufactured with our Advanced Sensors technology to ensure maximum performance at a minimal price point. This select group of gage patterns reduces lead time and  improves performance.
Available in a variety of high resistance patterns — Linear, Shear, T-Patterns, and Full-Bridge configurations — with up to 10K ohm resistance values.

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Use the best Accessoires for your strain gauge installations

From Surface Cleaning, Solders to Protective Coatings

To ensure successfull installation and performance of our state-of-the-art strain gages and special sensors, Micro-Measurements offers a comprehensive selection of stress analysis accessories.
Our surface cleaning products create ideal conditions for the proper bonding of strain gages and temperature sensors. High quality solder joints made using our strain-gage-qualified solders optimize strain gage performance. Our wires and cables provide peace of mind when it comes to strain gage accuracy. In short, our strain gage and special sensor accessories are essential to the top-notch performance expected by Stress Analysts.

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data acquisition

Strain Gauge Measurement Instruments

Specialty Instruments for Strain Gage Measurement.
Micro-Measurements offers a comprehensive range of specialty instruments for data acquisition. With our instruments, you can capture fully corrected, accurate engineering-unit data with minimal effort. Our special-purpose equipment, backed by the expertise and knowledge of highly skilled engineers, complements strain gage installation integrity and instrument calibration.

Our range of products includes:
High-speed data loggers • Single-channel devices • Portable indicators • Multi-channel data acquisitions systems • High-bandwidth signal conditioners • Signal conditioning amplifiers • Embedded analog-to-digital convertors • Inputs for other commonly used sensors, including load cells, displacement transducers, thermocouples, and accelerometers.

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High temp sensoren

Strain Gauges for High Temperatures

Micro-Measurements’ high temperature strain gages are specifically designed to collect dynamic measurements in extreme conditions. Select from three high performance solutions to meet any temperature needs—up to 2100°F (1150°C):

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custom gauge

Custom Strain Gages and Hybrid Flex Sensors

Micro-Measurements maintains an extensive catalogue of high performance strain gages and sensors. But from time-to-time, unique applications require tailored solutions. We can customize high performance gages tailored for your unique specifications. Whatever your specification needs are, our team of experts are committed to providing solutions for your specific application.

Typical request includes:

  • unusual pattern geometries
  • special trim dimensions
  • non-standard lead wire materials or length

Building high performance customized gages requires careful attention to detail. From initial conversations about product goals to the final delivery of your customized gage, our team of experts will work closely with you. We use our years of successful manufacturing experience to walk you through the process of selecting the appropriate backing, foil, S-T-C, gage length, pattern, resistance and resistance tolerance, operating temperature range, test duration, maximum strain, cyclic endurance, leads, encapsulation, and trim for your product.

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