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ETS Solutions

j.j. bos b.v. service and distributes the Electro-Dynamic Shakers of the manufacturer ETS in the Benelux market, which are recognized for the good price-quality ratio.


ETS Solutions

ETS Solutions offers quality vibration testing equipment at an affordable price. Using extensive and innovative technical expertise, ETS provides a reliable long-term solution to meet your requirements. All systems comply with European CE standards, including test reports and certification by TUV-SUD Product Service GmbH.
ETS Solutions designs and manufactures large to very large vibration testing systems. These Shakers are primarily applied for testing construction parts or complete products in the automotive, electronics, aviation and aerospace industries. There are also solutions and systems for vertical and horizontal tests such as a slip table or head expander/extender. An interface with a climate cabinet is possible.
ETS produces Shaker with a Sinus impact force of approx. 150 N to 176 kN and corresponding amplifiers from 1000 VA to 180 kVA.

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