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Dantec Dynamics offers Digital Image Correlation (DIC) solutions as part of their range of measuring instruments and systems.


DIC is an advanced optical 3D measurement technique used to analyze the surface deformation and movements of objects.


Dantec Dynamics DIC systems use high-quality cameras, lenses and software to collect accurate and detailed displacement and strain data. DIC allows researchers and engineers to monitor and analyze the deformations of materials and structures in real-time, which is essential for understanding mechanical behavior, validating numerical models and improving product designs.


Dantec Dynamics’ DIC solutions are used in various application areas, including mechanical testing, material characterization, crash testing, and more. By using DIC, engineers and researchers can gain valuable insights that can lead to improved performance, durability and safety of products and structures.


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Dantec Dynamics’ Digital Image Correlation System (DIC)

Key Advantages of Digital Image Correlation (DIC)

  • It is a non-contact method. Meaning it requires no mechanical connection to the test object surface. Therefore there are no mechanical limitations or constraints.
  • Performed over the entire optically visible image, measurements yield full-field results. Instead of measuring discrete, (point-based) results, for example, one-axis directional displacements (ie. from LVDTs) or major strains (ie. from Strain Gauges), DIC can measure shape (contour), displacement, and multiple forms of strain.
  • A DIC system is versatile as it has no measurement speed limitations or optical constraints. It can measure whatever the camera “sees” in shape, size (from mm²² to m²), or motion (for Hz to MHz).
  • DIC resolves measurements within sub-pixel accuracy. Determining both in-plane (parallel to a surface) and out-of-plane (perpendicular to a surface) microstrains.

Digital Image Correlation (DIC)


The EduDIC is a Digital Image Correlation (DIC) measurement system designed as an entry-level, low-cost, academic training tool to assist tuition of experimental solid mechanics and materials testing. This easy-to-use system gives academic instructors & students the ability to perform optical DIC measurements for research, workshop & laboratory exercises.

The EduDIC utilizes the full potential of Istra4D with no limitation in modular functionality, allowing unrestricted measurement data to be acquired quick & easy and correlated with high accuracy & precision.

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The FlexDIC is a Digital Image Correlation (DIC) measurement system designed as a flexible, robust and multi-functional industrial & academic utility for a wide range of materials testing & motion analysis applications.
This easy-to-use system can perform all your testing needs allowing any user to quickly perform accurate & precise measurements for displacement, contour (shape), strain, and (discrete) kinematic quantities of tracked points. The FlexDIC is completely modular and can be upgraded with additional lenses, calibration targets, illumination systems, and also with additional cameras turning the system into a MulticamDIC system.

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The MulticamDIC is a combined, stereo-rig array, Digital Image Correlation (DIC) measurement system consisting of 4 or more (up to 16), USB3, or GigE cameras. This advanced, application-specific measurement system gives testing engineers the ability to perform large-scale and complex (contoured) surface testing of sub-(components) and structures.

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Free Dantec seminar: non-contact strain and stress visualization and precise measurements

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