Electron microscopy

In the 80’s j.j. bos has been approached to distribute and service within the Benelux countries the Cambridge Instruments Electron microscopes (later named LEICA) and Princeton Gamma Tech. Micro analysis systems (PGT, later acquired by Bruker). This fitted well in our plan for growth and extension in the range of products to study materials at a nano- en micro level. Ever since we offer a product range for the Electron microscope users consisting of the following suppliers, products and accessories:

  • SEM and EDX calibration standards [MAC]
  • EDX systems [Bruker AXS]
  • Sample preparation [Quorum]
  • Sputter coaters and Carbon coaters [Quorum]
  • SEM and TEM stages [Deben]

The pogram has been extended in the mean time to the following Brands. Select a Brand from overview below to learn more.

Bruker EDX detector


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