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Customer testimonial: KWS

KWS (member of VolkerWessels) is one of the largest asphalt production companies in the Netherlands. We produce over more than 200 different mixtures.

Each asphalt mixture must be CE-certified before it can be produced. In order to get this CE-certificate the mixture is tested. The set of tests (called a Type Test) is standard European regulation.

KWS uses two MTS test machines to determine three parameters that are part of the Type Test:

  • Resistance to deformation (triaxial test)
  • Stiffness at different frequency’s and
  • Resistance to fatigue. (4 point bending)

To keep updated, KWS asked j.j. bos bv for a controller that supports Windows 10. Their conclusion was that we needed to install new controllers on our machines. Last year j.j. bos bv installed the first Flextest 40 controller. At the moment we have two new controllers installed.

Now we are set for the future! So thanks again j.j. bos bv.