Material testing

Essential elements of a Tensile Test

One of the most common tests used to determine material behavior is a tensile test. In this brief demonstration, MTS Application Engineer, Addie Clarke, shows how to set up and conduct a simple version of this important test type.  

MTS Rebar testing solutions

With the growing worldwide demand for new buildings and structures, there has been a corresponding drive for high-quality construction materials. Rebar, or reinforcing bar, is a high-demand material used to improve the tensile strength of concrete in structures.  

New joint venture: 1g-europe Shaker services

We are happy to announce that in cooperation with Quantify (Be) and 1g dynamics (UK) we have set up 1g-europe (Shaker services) B.V.  

Testing of Composite materials

In almost every industry, advanced lightweight composite materials are improving product design and creating sleeker and safer solutions. In the pursuit of more fuel-efficient cars, lighter aircraft, more durable biomaterials and stronger load-carrying structures, the search for better materials continues.  

100 kN Force capacity in compact frame

For labs that are interested in increasing testing capacity while lowering cost-per-system, the MTS Series 300 Test System provides an attractive alternative to a full-sized load frame. This small, but powerful system can run accurate static and dynamic tests on both brittle and ductile high-strength materials.  

LiTeM and MTS present at Plastic fair 2019

At the Plastic Fair on Sept. 25-26 in Veldhoven (NL), j.j. bos will present a pneumatic material fatigue test system from LiTeM and Charpy Impact tester for Plastics from MTS. The LiTeM testframe is basically universal and can be used for many test applications, but for this event an application from the polymer world will be shown.  

MTS Acumen family extension

MTS Systems has expanded the Electrodynamic Acumen Family with the 12kN Acumen 12 and horizontal 1kN Acumen 1H test systems.  

j.j. bos b.v. distributor for Ernst hardness testers

j.j. bos b.v. is happy to announce we have become Benelux distributor for Ernst¬†material hardness testers. Ernst Testing Instruments originates from Switzerland and fits very well in our program of top quality material testing systems.  

ATS launches Asphalt testing range

ATS is the only company to offer a three part test system for asphalt testing. ATS specializes in three major areas of asphalt testing and research. These machines are able to test asphalt to ensure safety by either performing oxidizing or flexural tests. ATS is also a part of the Superpave Program.  

PCS / Research Inc. product overview

Research Inc. designs, manufactures, and sells infrared heating and associated control systems used in various thermal processing. The company is ISO 9001 certified and has obtained the CE mark on many of its products. Research Inc. was initially established to develop infrared-based heating system for the aerospace industry. Since then, Research Inc. has grown into strategic business unit several divisions each responsible for specific industrial markets.  

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