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New joint venture: 1g-europe Shaker services

We are happy to announce that in cooperation with Quantify (Be) and 1g dynamics (UK) we have set up 1g-europe (Shaker services) B.V.  

ETS VAB Pneumatic Bump Tester

The VAB series Pneumatic Bump Tester is used to simulate the repeatable shock environment subjected in the transportation and use process of the electronic components, equipment and other electric and electronic products, to complete the conventional crash test indicators.      

ETS MHI Incline Impact Testers

ETS MHI series Incline Impact Testers are used to simulate the handling of crates, palletized loads, and rail car carriers. Several sizes are available for testing palletized loads and single products up to 500kg. A complete line of impact recording instrumentation will provide you with the qualitative results and documentation required to verify the performance of your product or packaged system.  

ETS HSRS Series Horizontal SRS tester

Mechanical shock testing replicates events that are encountered regularly during the day to day operation of equipment or products. Shocks can be generated in day to day general handling or shocks by in service applications such as underwater explosions or high speed motion in extreme cases. Shocks are generally characterized by their short duration and sudden occurrence. ETS can characterize the shock levels of a product using shock response spectrums (SRS). Well, the shock test is a dynamic parameter used to represent the in service life of components.    

ETS HAS Horizontal Impact Tester

ETS HAS series horizontal impact testers are used to simulate the horizontal shock effects of rail switching, truck docking, and other types of horizontal impacts.  

400 Hz. ground power converter

For greater loads, such as the need to provide ground power for an entire aircraft, Magnus Power provides 400 Hz systems up to 250 kW. Special-purpose outlet boxes equipped with aircraft-specific connectors, interlocked outputs, and emergency stop facilities can be designed on customer requirement.   

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