Electron microscopy

Quantax Compact, EDX within everyone’s scope

QUANTAX Compact is a new innovative and easy-to-use EDS system for daily use. QUANTAX Compact consists of a XFlash® 600 Mini silicon drift detector (SDD), a small electronics unit and the intuitive software ESPRIT Compact.  

Introduction Hirox Electron Microscopes for Benelux

j.j. bos b.v. has brought in a new product line for the Benelux countries at the EMC2016 in Lyon. This is the Hirox Table Top SEM, a rigid mini SEM with a performance that almost reaches the performance of a full SEM. The mini SEM is very simple to operate and is installed within a half an hour.  

Quorum Q150 Coaters

The beautifully designed Q150 series coaters are very user friendly. With the touch screen colour LCD display, you can operate the instrument, program recipes that can be stored in the memory of the instrument and always recalled to be executed automatically.  

New!!! The GloQube Glow Discharge System for TEM Grids and Surface Modifications

The GloQube® is a compact, easy-to-use glow discharge system primarily used for the hydrophilisation (wetting) of TEM support films and grids. Other applications include surface modifications, for example for enhancing polymer bonding.  

The new Q300 series sputter coater launched!

Recently Quorum announced the further expansion of Quorum Technologies’ highly successful ‘Q’ series of vacuum coating systems, with the introduction of the Q300 series - a range of large specimen sputter coaters for SEM preparation and thin film applications. The Q300 is available in three formats: the turbomolecular-pumped Q300T T is ideal for coating both oxidising and non-oxidising metals onto large specimens (up to an 8” wafer); the Q300R T is a low-cost, rotary-pumped version for noble metals only; and the Q300T D is a dual head system that allows independent sequential sputtering of two metals without the need to break vacuum - making it ideal for many thin film applications.  

Bruker announces the XFlash®6 SDD detector

The core piece of this latest generation Bruker X-ray detector is a silicon chip that functions according to the drift chamber principle. Due to the special chip design with integrated charge amplifier the XFlash® can process very high count rates and at the same time displays an excellent energy resolution, unrivaled by any other silicon-based energy dispersive X-ray detector.  

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