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Hirox - Europe

Hirox is a producer of High End Microscopy products with 30+ years of experience. The Video- and table Top Elektron  Microscopes decreases the gap to a full SEM.
With the variable acceleration voltage of 30kV (max.) and a resolution of 5nm (SH-5000M, 30kV, SE image)is a great match for its bigger and often more expensive brothers.The software is very user friendly and the automatic functions (Start, focus, stigmation, brightness and contrast) expand the ease of use, so you don’t need special trained personal to produce nice images.The different models can be
equipped with different detectors, like a SE, BSE and EDX detector. The SEM can work in both low- as high vacuum and is connected to
an external pre-vacuum pump and an internal turbo molecular pump.After loading a sample you can start making beatyfull images within
3 minutes. With its small measurements and solid design, the mini SEM finds his place in many laboratories, classrooms or measuring shops!

For more information click on the link below or contact our productspecialist.

Hirox Table Top SEM


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