Alliance Sensors Group

Alliance Sensors Group, a division of H. G. Schaevitz LLC, offers linear and rotary position sensors for many different industrial measurement applications. We focus on the following industries.

  • OEMs
  • Industrial automation
  • Power generation
  • millitary / aerospace
  • test labs
  • and special manufacturing processes

Our standard product line features LVIT linear position sensors, along with LVDTs, rotary sensors, and sensor support electronics. In addition to our standard products, we can design and build custom position sensors to meet your specifications.

Alliance Sensors Group was founded in 2012 by Harold G. Schaevitz and his father, Howard A. Schaevitz.  They continue the Schaevitz family tradition over the last 70 years of developing and marketing innovative position sensors and related electronics to serve the design engineers who create automation and/or testing systems for manufacturing, energy production, industrial and mobile hydraulics, and defense, as well as for R&D and laboratory testing and measurements.

ASG’s sensors offer superior mechanical strength and vibration / shock resistance because of our choices of materials and construction techniques. They feature environmental protection levels up to IEC IP-68. You may choose from sensor packages of various sizes and ranges, or special order a unique design for your specific application. Alliance Sensors Group has the broad knowledge base and experience to meet your custom requirements. We can work with your engineers to develop any position sensor that you may need, using our CAD system to fully document every custom product, complemented by ASG’s custom machining capabilities and time-proven manufacturing processes.


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