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ATS provides the most thoroughly well-designed and extensive line of Creep Testing Systems and accessories in the world.
Applied Test Systems is the leader in reliable, long lasting, precise direct load and lever arm test systems. When combined with our wide range of accessory equipment these machines are capable of performing many types and variations of creep and stress rupture testing.ATS kruipbank





ATS offers an extensive line of ovens, furnaces and accessories world renowned for quality and reliability.  Our outstanding features and experienced design engineers make our ovens among the most durable and efficient manufactured today.  ATS’ ovens come in a variety of standard sizes and can easily be altered to meet your custom needs.  Our top-of-the-line equipment can be shipped to you with any accessories and mounting that will meet your requirements.ATS_oven


ATS specializes in three major areas of asphalt testing and research (Pressure Aging Vessel, Bending Beam Rheometer, and Vaccum Degassing Oven). ATS is the only company to offer a three part test system for asphalt testing. These machines are able to test asphalt to ensure safety by either performing oxidizing or flexural tests. ATS is also a part of the Superpave Program.ATS_asfalt_tester