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100 kN Force capacity in compact frame

For labs that are interested in increasing testing capacity while lowering cost-per-system, the MTS Series 300 Test System provides an attractive alternative to a full-sized load frame. This small, but powerful system can run accurate static and dynamic tests on both brittle and ductile high-strength materials.


Whether a lab has limited space or high testing volume requirements or both, this right-sized test system makes it easy to fit multiple load frames into a small space, greatly increasing the amount of testing that can be done simultaneously.


The compact Model 300.10 Test System can perform a wide range of loading up to a maximum rated force capacity of 100 kN. With large 63.5 mm (2.5 in) diameter columns and a small 254 mm (10 in) space between columns, this system provides excellent lateral and axial stiffness for accurate test results.


Integrated MTS Series 244 actuators provide low friction and long fatigue life. The actuator rods are coated with proprietary MTS SureCoat® Rod Finishing Technology which increases their life by 10x over conventionally chrome-plated rods and decreases actuator wear by 10x as well. These longevity improvements reduce the total cost of ownership of an already economical servohydraulic testing solution.

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